mumbling of an imbecile

Post Secret

I've been reading Post Secret weekly for probably about 7 years now. I heard about it in high school and was instantly intrigued. The concept of sending your secrets to a person who posts them anonymously or publishes them in a book has a certain allure to it. I guess it's a unique way to… Continue reading Post Secret

mumbling of an imbecile


I've always been one of those people who frequently doesn't know what to say in many situations. Silence is my default anyway, as I'd prefer to listen. But there are those times when someone has said something to you that you simply have no response for. I'm not speechless because 'if you don't have something… Continue reading Speechless

the story so far

Ever dance in your underwear?

Have you ever arrived home and found no one there, and instantly felt┬áthat gleeful strip-down, dance-in-your-underwear sort of freedom? If you haven't, then I'm not sure what planet you're from. Anyone who lives alone gets to bask in the glory of this feeling on a daily basis. Those with family or room mates may rarely… Continue reading Ever dance in your underwear?

mumbling of an imbecile

a good word

if you only say one word, make it a good word, and if your only action is a smile, smile like you mean it.   A friend of mine wrote this in her last blog post, amidst a greater discussion. These words jumped off the page at me. These few words say a lot about… Continue reading a good word