the story so far

something like progress

I think in order for attempts to be significant, they have to have some kind of value towards progress. I’m not sure that I’m hitting that mark, but on my nice little 30 item “dixie list” as my sister calls it, I’ve been able to check some boxes.

Maybe saying “boxes” in the plural is deceptive.

I have crossed one thing out, and begun on several others.

The one thing I fully accomplished, was riding a mechanical bull. If you’re surprised that that’s the first thing of all of those that I got to, you’re not alone. I think we all assumed that would go on the “oh well, maybe some other time” list after I hit 30 and didn’t accomplish everything, and needed to save something cool for my midlife crisis. But no! It’s done!

The parts that I’ve only begun to do have been at least equally as fun, although I’m not sure they’ve been any more fruitful.

Mary and I took a stab at some baking last weekend. I have a sourdough starter started, and we made homemade bread (in the bread machine, so I’m not sure it even counts) and a rather sloppy attempt at “pretzel” bagels (tolerable, not great, too small) and cheesy bacon biscuits and bread (tasty, but didn’t look like it should have…)

Mary also made two pies in the past week, one pumpkin, and one apple. For a gal who (I think) has never made pies herself, they’re really good. We’ll be tweaking our recipes forever I’m sure.

Mary also made herself an apron – an amaaaaazing sewing feat considering she’s never used a sewing machine before! She only broke two of my needles, and needed a little help, but she takes directions very well.

We also started pulling together some of our favorite recipes and collecting them, written long hand, in a notebook for future use.

I think our next list item to tackle will be the liquid eye liner. The tables will turn with this one, as Mary becomes the master and teaches me how to apply this mysterious substance to my face!

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