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30 to 30

I emailed this list to my sisters the other day and asked them how reasonable they think this is. They all seemed to think it was at least a great idea, and several have asked that they can do some of the list items with me, which I’m all for!

You had to see this coming! I did some great things with my 25 to 25 list, although I definitely didn’t accomplish all of it. But don’t worry, I’m not just recycling all of the old items onto a new list – my priorities have changed several times since I wrote that list, and that will probably be evident as this list unravels itself.

So here are some things I would like to accomplish before I hit the big three oh. I am 27.5 years old right now, so 2.5 years to complete these 30 things. That’s going to average out to 12 items per year, or one per month! So clearly, I’ve got to get going. Wish me luck!

  1. Become a mom.
  2. Move into a home outside of Florida.
  3. Go to my sister’s taking of the habit in Switzerland.
  4. Quit being a public school teacher.
  5. Find a sustainable way to work from home.
  6. Finish paying student loan debt and on to Dave Ramsey’s Baby-Step-4.
  7. Achieve a more sustainable level of fitness and activity.
  8. Be a 2-car household instead of 1 and a motorcycle.
  9. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner. And maybe other makeup.
  10. Contribute to an ongoing portfolio of artistic/design work as a hobby.
  11. Become good at baking homemade breads from scratch.
  12. Become good at cooking, and have on ongoing self-curated cookbook.
  13. Have some size of vegetable/herb garden without killing everything.
  14. Finally learn to drive manual transmission. Seriously.
  15. Go on retreat, preferably Ignatian.
  16. Go on a mission trip.
  17. Learn ASL.
  18. Ride a mechanical bull.
  19. Do something I am completely afraid of. (Ideas?)
  20. Learn a skill/hobby I don’t expect to like.
  21. Learn to competently and confidently ride a motorcycle solo.
  22. Ride a rollercoaster again.
  23. Go to a Red Sox game.
  24. Get CPR certified.
  25. Write more letters and actual correspondence.
  26. Busk with Mary. (Figure out what part I’d play in that…)
  27. Go to a drive-in movie.
  28. Attend a symphony or other orchestral performance.
  29. Cycle a century. (??? Why so ambitious, me?!)
  30. Pay forward the 3 (+?) times I’ve been given something and told to “pay it forward.”

Looking over this list I realize that some of these are one-off endeavors, things I can accomplish in one go. But a lot of them are things that will take me quite some time to work on. I’m not sure which to start with first, but I’m contemplating baking some bread today and see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “30 to 30”

  1. Always good to have aims and goals while being realistic about the time frame.
    Some of the things you plan to do could be excellent subjects for a vlog – become a Youtuber and earn from it!
    Please keep us informed of your progress and have fun

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  2. Great list. Definitely do #14. I just wrote an article about how fun it is to drive a standard vehicle. You won’t regret it.


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