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Spring Break

As a teacher, spring break is a different beast than it was as a student. I can say I have truly never looked forward to breaks and vacations more ardently than as a teacher. This particular spring break was even more of a god-send than usual.

I don’t ever seem to stop talking about how I’ve had a cold foreeeever, but in this case, it’s been over a month. It began on Super Bowl Sunday, and hasn’t gone away since. Added on top of that, I’ve known since before then that I am pregnant, so I haven’t been able to take almost any medication to help me deal with it. So when I say that I have gotten quite exhausted of late, please know that I mean it in a to-the-core sort of way. Spring break was just what the doctor ordered.

I slept in every single day.

Since my alarm(s) begin going off daily at 5:30am, it isn’t difficult to say I slept in if I slept until 6 or 6:30am. There were a couple of sleep-ins like that, but most of them were the glorious sleep-ins where you simply don’t set an alarm, and you wait with bated breath to see what time your body rouses you and lets you know you have had enough sleep. Those are the absolute best sort. They rejuvenate you in a way which nothing else compares to. And when you get to do that several times over the course of a week, you’re well on your way to improved health, both physically, emotionally… even spiritually. I am a different person when I’ve slept enough, it can’t be denied.

Most days of my spring break, my husband had school and worked, beginning at 8am, so I was up to pack him a lunch or see him off nearly every day. But then, especially since Daylight Savings meant it was back to being dark at that time, I went back to sleep.

On one occasion I slept until 11am! Incredible! I suspected I had it in me, but I wasn’t certain.

Everyone who has seen me since this glorious sleep-vacation has told me how much more alive and healthy I look. I can’t deny that I can feel it. On Tuesday, my first day back at school (due to a lovely PTO day on Monday) I woke with my alarm without feeling sleepy at all. Maybe you have experienced this? I thought it was the stuff of legends, as I have never had the pleasure before, but I woke at 5:30 and didn’t feel like I needed to stay in bed.

Today was Wednesday, and I can feel it all starting to wear off… I want to preserve it as long as I possibly can though! It’s already after 10 so going to bed “early” isn’t on the table anymore, and tomorrow promises to be a very long day, as I’m obligated to be at work until at least 8pm instead of 4:30pm… and then on Friday I’ll have 8 extra students and a morning assembly. That’s going to be a doozy.


Sleep, glorious sleep! Can I continue to revel in this, please?

My husband is now on his spring break, as the trade school he is currently attending has theirs the week following mine. This means that each morning while I get up and leave, he gets his turn to sleep in. But he doesn’t He’s one of those people who regularly experience the legendary rested-waking-phenomenon. Unbelievable. At least he now has all the “free time” he can handle to do some fun things he doesn’t usually get around to doing. Like smoking cigars, seeing long lost friends, and potentially, getting back on the road bike.

Anyway. Let it suffice to say that tonight I’m going to fall asleep still daydreaming about… sleeping in.

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