The Discovery

In early January I made a discovery that is really going to change my life. Our lives. It’s going to impact our jobs, our income, our debt repayment, our budget, our family dynamic, our health. It’s going to make some parts of life a little difficult for a time as we adjust, but at the end of the day it is a blessing in our lives, and part of the reason we got married.

On January 12th 2019 I took a pregnancy test and did not even have to wait half of the directed 3 minutes before my suspicions were confirmed: positive!

Writing this today, I am 13 weeks and 5 days along, and starting my second trimester. We had a period of time where we were unsure the pregnancy would survive, but we have all survived. We have not yet gotten an ultrasound to see our little one, but twice we have been able to hear its rapid little heartbeat, and know that things are progressing.

This week will see some blood work done, and a couple weeks down the line will see our ultrasound. We are waiting a little so we can get just one and still find out if we have a little man or a little lady on the way.

I have been blessed during this time to have never vomited, despite daily nausea and severe smell and food eversions. Instead my lot has been that of insanely mind altering migraines. Our midwife assured me that these and many other symptoms should begin to subside in the coming weeks of second trimester.

That brings me to the point that we are excited to have the local option of working with a midwife who will help us with a home birth rather than the typical venue of OBs and hospitals. Of course, should this pregnancy become risky, that will be re-evaluated. But God willing, things will stay simple. My sister has had two successful home births with this midwife and I had met her long before becoming pregnant – an assurance among other raving reviews I found on the Internet.

So, this is it. We are making a family. Our Little One will be making his or her first appearance in mid to late September. We have contacted our families and tried to contact our close friends to let them know our good news. It was time that I had to write about it or bust.

We could not be more excited. Our anticipation for the future has simply multiplied!

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