pregnancy saga


I’m sitting on the couch feeling nauseous as ever. A few hours ago I was nauseous because I needed to eat something. Now I’m nauseous because I did eat something. I had leftover Alfredo pasta with broccoli and chicken from last night. The pasta sat well, the broccoli and chicken no so well.

I took two antacids, but my goodness I had forgotten how nasty those are.

I am sitting on the couch as I have been for most of my week long spring break… or the two days I’ve had of it so far. I’m glad I have most of the week left.

I want to start doing all sorts of research on pregnancy and child birth and motherhood. I mean, I have done some but I want to talk to people about it and get down to the brass tacks. I want to be as prepared as possible, but I don’t even know where to begin. There is a ton of information in books and online, but no real way to sift through it, to know what’s real and what’s crap.

I also want to start an Amazon baby registry. Since we live in such a tiny apartment we simply don’t have room for anything extra at all. We have already started weeding out and donating things to make room. But I know with full certainty that now that my family knows, and friends are being told, eventually people will want to help us out. And I’m grateful for that! Every little but helps, ya know? But in terms of what and how much… Let’s say I’d rather do as much research as I can and put together a list of what I’m okay with. But again… where to begin? I’m not looking for the most expensive, most tech-advanced items. I’m looking for safe and reliable and basic. Low price tags don’t hurt either.

Anybody have any tips?

On a related note – what are you able to eat and drink that doesn’t give you stomach acid or bad breath or even just burps? I’m at a point where I simply don’t want to eat… ever. Smoothies are the single exception.

Thanks, friends.

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