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Minimalism: Understanding Happiness

As an over-thinker and a daydreamer, it doesn't surprise me about myself that I am always looking for a solution. To everything. I fancy myself a do-er, not an idealist, however, and because I've been so stuck in the same life for so long, it makes me crazy to think that progress is not being… Continue reading Minimalism: Understanding Happiness

the story so far

Ever dance in your underwear?

Have you ever arrived home and found no one there, and instantly felt┬áthat gleeful strip-down, dance-in-your-underwear sort of freedom? If you haven't, then I'm not sure what planet you're from. Anyone who lives alone gets to bask in the glory of this feeling on a daily basis. Those with family or room mates may rarely… Continue reading Ever dance in your underwear?

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Digging Deeper

So I'm sitting here taking up much more of the couch than I need to, bottle of white zinfandel in hand, and once again I've been thinking too much. This time it's about friendships, and the nature of nostalgia. Recently I've been accidentally thinking about old friends, even to the point where I've been dreaming… Continue reading Digging Deeper