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Post Secret

I’ve been reading Post Secret weekly for probably about 7 years now. I heard about it in high school and was instantly intrigued. The concept of sending your secrets to a person who posts them anonymously or publishes them in a book has a certain allure to it. I guess it’s a unique way to have a sense of release from a secret that’s wearing you down.

People tell me their secrets quite frequently. Since I was a kid, I’ve been that person, I guess. I have very few secrets of my own, and very many secrets of many other people’s. I don’t particularly like secrets, and I certainly don’t go looking for them. But its complementary I suppose that people want to tell me theirs. I’m a good secret keeper. I’ve known about a lot of pregnancies and hook ups and illegal activities and indiscretions and cheating and diseases and not-yet-out-of-the-closet-ness and surprises and engagements and deepest darkest secrets that I never could have seen coming. And that’s okay. I’m okay with being the secret keeper.

In light of sitting here thinking about the too-many secrets I know, here are a handful of my favorite Post Secret secrets, for no particular reason, and in no particular order:

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For the record, none of those are mine. I have yet to send anything to Post Secret, though I think that at some time in the future I will. These are just secrets that really jumped out at me over the past couple years. I couldn’t resist saving them.

I firmly believe that secrets can hurt you and hurt your friendships or relationships. It’s cathartic to let the cat out of the bag sometimes, especially to an impartial person. (I prefer to tell people who I’ve never met or who don’t particularly care, but that’s just me.)

So here’s to secrets, and the relief that comes with sharing them.

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6 thoughts on “Post Secret”

  1. I read Post Secret too. Some of the secrets comfort me, some make me sad, some make me angry and some make me shake my head at humanity. Not unlike life in general ,I guess!

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    1. Reading so many secrets is enlightening in a whole lot of ways. Like another commenter said, some are happy, sad, shocking, faith-challenging. It all depends on the day. New secrets are posted every Sunday and it’s always interesting to see what comes up. I’m never not intrigued.

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    1. I’m glad to hear it – I’ve gone some times without thinking of it for a long time and I’m always happy when someone reminds me it exists!


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