the sequel: 30 to 30

  1. Become a mom. 12/2018… or 9/2019 depending how you look at it…
  2. Move into a home outside of Florida.
  3. Go to my sister’s taking of the habit in Switzerland.
  4. Quit being a public school teacher. 6/1/2019
  5. Find a sustainable way to work from home.
  6. Finish paying student loan debt and move on to Dave Ramsey’s Baby-Step-4. 11/27/19
  7. Achieve a more sustainable level of fitness and activity.
  8. Be a 2-car household instead of 1 and a motorcycle. 3/19/19
  9. Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner. And maybe other makeup. Summer 2019
  10. Contribute to an ongoing portfolio of artistic/design work as a hobby.
  11. Become good at baking homemade breads (etc.) from scratch.
  12. Become good at cooking, and have on ongoing self-curated cookbook.
  13. Have some size of vegetable/herb garden without killing everything.
  14. Finally learn to drive manual transmission. Seriously.
  15. Go on retreat, preferably Ignatian.
  16. Go on a mission trip.
  17. Learn ASL.
  18. Ride a mechanical bull. 2/22/19 Fort Myers Pro Rodeo ✔️
  19. Do something I am completely afraid of. (Ideas?)
  20. Learn a skill/hobby I don’t expect to like.
  21. Learn to competently and confidently ride a motorcycle solo.
  22. Ride a rollercoaster again.
  23. Go to a Red Sox game.
  24. Get CPR certified.
  25. Write more letters and actual correspondence.
  26. Busk with Mary. (Figure out what part I’d play in that…)
  27. Go to a drive-in movie.
  28. Attend a symphony or other orchestral performance.
  29. Cycle a century. (??? Why so ambitious, me?!) metric 1/11/20
  30. Pay forward the 3 (+?) times I’ve been given something life changing and told to “pay it forward.”