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Baby No More

There are nine of us children in my family. Seven boys, two girls, and a set of twins in that mix. As the second oldest, I was pretty much used to there always being a baby in the family. Or at least a toddler. By the time the toddlers were just "little kids" there was… Continue reading Baby No More

the story so far


I'm not very good at prioritizing. I can't seem to make the time for Netflix, for instance, but I'll go run 5K for fun at night. I can't hang out with everyone I know, but I've been biking places lately, just because. I can't force myself to spend five minutes blogging, but I'll doodle in… Continue reading Priorities

the story so far

November 30th

We've quickly come to the end of November. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday it was Halloween, but then suddenly things like Thanksgiving came and went... that's hardly fair. October and November are my favorite months of the year and now both are gone. December is next. December tends to drag on… Continue reading November 30th

the story so far

November 20th

My ass is green and purple from falling because these goons made me go roller skating for the first time since I was five. Then they played hackeysack in the parking lot. Anyone getting flashbacks to the early 90s? I am.  A good day, all in all. Should t have stayed up until 4am before… Continue reading November 20th

the story so far

November 14th

The Cast and Crew I've realized that some of the stories I tell can be confusing just because of the number of people involved. For that reason and also (maybe mostly) for my own entertainment, I will provide a handful of the current crowd with a brief description. Christopher: the roommate that I never see… Continue reading November 14th

the story so far

November 9th

Davis made out like a bandit. He and some of the guys at the pub had a bet going about this election. He was bet two pitchers of beer that Hillary would win - a bet his opponents were quite certain of based on the polls. Davis doesn't go with the flow. Davis doesn't listen… Continue reading November 9th

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November 7th

So my BFF Jill ...uh I mean Phil... is 12 days from her birthday and it's time for some brainstorming. What do you get a 24 year old who has one child, one days from being born, and ...I don't even know? It's strange to think of gifts for a person, even one you know… Continue reading November 7th

the story so far

November 6th

November 6th has been one of the very best days I have had in a long time. We all have days when things are going well and we get through the day without incident. Frequently, little things will happen that we are appreciative of or just thoroughly enjoy. But it is rather rare, I think,… Continue reading November 6th

mumbling of an imbecile

November 3rd

Friendships are such fickle things. So fragile. Even the good ones. I have been making new friends lately, and it feels great, most of the time. Sometimes it is less so. It is incredible how¬†good the company of a friend can make you feel. That feeling when you can't even sit still because of the… Continue reading November 3rd