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Reverse Bucket List

People spend a lot of time talking about all the things they want to do with their lives, and I am one of those people. I could go on forever about each and every little experience I’d like to enjoy one day. But I think that today is a good day to take stock of the many adventures we’ve already had. To that end, I am making a Reverse Bucket List. These are things that I’ve already done or which have already happened to me, and which I find at least moderately interesting. Many are things you might find on a bucket list, and many are not. I guess they’re just all things that made enough of an impression on me to merit being added to this list.

  1. moved 16+ times
  2. gone to Ireland, twice
  3. spent a week in Bosnia523472_10151764794659339_2062455001_n
  4. flown over the Alps
  5. learned to play chess from 2nd graders
  6. seen a dead person come back to life
  7. hiked the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi
  8. had a poem published when I was in 6th grade
  9. gone to boarding school in a foreign country
  10. graduated university, gotten my BA
  11. gotten my nose pierced
  12. lived alone
  13. owned 2 cars
  14. gotten a job in China
  15. ridden an elephant
  16. gone surfing
  17. spent spring break in Key West
  18. been on a ferry-boat
  19. jumped off of a bridge
  20. driven the country North to South706
  21. driven the country East to West
  22. road tripped alone for 25+ hours without sleeping
  23. swam in a water fall
  24. gotten my flight upgraded to first class (international as well!)
  25. spent 24 hours on a train
  26. gone skinny dipping in lakes and oceans
  27. slept all night on a beach
  28. ridden a motorcycle
  29. gone snorkeling in Key Largo
  30. accidentally swam with a shark
  31. flown in a personal plane
  32. gone to 2 concerts in Dublin
  33. climbed Croagh Patrick mountain
  34. volunteered in a foreign country229955_10150983696589339_72884228_n
  35. gone to the ballet
  36. been in a castle
  37. been at Mt. Rushmore
  38. swam in Sioux Falls
  39. ridden a Segway
  40. learned to play piano
  41. eaten shark, cow heart, cow brain,
  42. seen the aurora borealis
  43. knit a hat and a scarf
  44. done the polar bear plunge
  45. done a fire walk (barefoot, coals, the whole thing)
  46. milked a cow
  47. visited every city I’ve ever lived in, via road trip, in one year
  48. been an extra in a music video086
  49. made home made candles
  50. designed, made, and auctioned off some spiffy jewelry
  51. won a beauty pageant (as a kid, relax)
  52. been to a masquerade ball
  53. gone to the races at Saratoga
  54. gone to dinner theater
  55. won a street race. in a prius.
  56. beaten a video game or 5
  57. been a live audience in a sitcom
  58. driven a tractor and bailed hay
  59. designed and run a haunted house (on a boat)
  60. been a mentor
  61. grown a vegetable garden
  62. raced a horse, sort of
  63. gone on a beer tasting tour096
  64. save a life
  65. coded a computer game
  66. played bocce ball
  67. ridden a bus across the US
  68. dyed my hair (black, red, blue – not all at once)
  69. tended bar
  70. smoked hookah
  71. witnessed human birth
  72. researched family history until hitting a dead-end (pun intended)
  73. donated blood (like 8 times)
  74. learned the alphabet in sign language
  75. paid it forward
  76. taught a class (many, many classes)
  77. climbed a rock wall
  78. shot a gun290
  79. learned fencing
  80. learned to play 2+ instruments
  81. stayed in hostels (after watching Hostel…)
  82. toured a vineyard and attended a wine tasting
  83. won pub trivia
  84. learned to change a flat tire – from experience
  85. memorized the periodic table
  86. memorized pi to 35 places
  87. built a shed with my dad
  88. learned to make sushi043
  89. built a desktop computer from scratch
  90. made a surprise visit to someone 3000 miles away
  91. been Associate Editor of my university newspaper
  92. been my sister’s bride’s maid
  93. jumped out of a moving car
  94. touched a moving train
  95. run away from home countless times
  96. picked up a hitchhiker
  97. been accepted to peace corps
  98. become an aunt
  99. seen a moose verrrry close up
  100. started a blog I love writing for


I know a lot of this isn’t really a big deal. But most of it, if you’d told me 3 years ago, or 5, or 10 years ago that I’d do them, I’d have laughed and told you you had the wrong gal. But I’m the right gal. I am the gal. I’ve done these things and I’m quite pleased with most of them.

I’m sure we all have these things. We all have a mental list of things we’ve done that we’re glad we did. You probably don’t think of it often, if ever, but you should. Sure, I’m going to write a real Bucket List eventually, but today this means so much more.

8 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List”

    1. I know, I realized that when I was about half way through, that some of these would be fun stories to tell. It’s pretty motivational to have a ready made list of back up ideas.
      The concept for this arose when I was reading things off a friend’s bucket list and realized I’d done half of it. It’s a great way to appreciate how far you’ve come or how much you’ve accomplished.

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