mumbling of an imbecile


There’s something to be said for smiles. In my opinion an involuntary smile is just about the greatest feeling in all the world. Thinking about it I truly can’t think of a feeling I much prefer.

Have you ever sat there and been staring off into space thinking of something, and either been told or realise on your own that you’ve an ear to ear grin on your face? It happens to everyone (I hope) but it’s happened to me quite a few times in the past couple weeks, and it’s become a rather addicting feeling. The tiny surge of joy that you can feel emanating from somewhere of a generally cardiac location, reaching up to kiss your cheeks… maybe a chuckle follows?

Who can say how many causes there could be for this. Maybe you’re pondering the possibilities of the future. Maybe you’re recollecting images of the past. Maybe you’re thinking about someone you love, or who loves you. Maybe you’re thinking of family. Maybe you’ve just heard a terrible joke you shouldn’t repeat. Maybe you’re having a conversation alone in your head. Maybe you’re waking up from a dream.

It doesn’t matter. The cause doesn’t matter. Do you know how good for you it is to smile? A real smile releases the best endorphins that are so, so good for you. Ever heard of serotonin? That’s released when you smile, along with natural painkillers, lowered blood pressure, and immune system boosters. It’s amazing. This only comes with a genuine smile, but those of which I’m speaking are not only genuine but long lasting, whole-body-flooding smiles. Those are the glorious side effects of the Smile.

And that’s just on the side – you’ve already got that wonderful thing going on that put that smile on your face to begin with.

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