mumbling of an imbecile

Just Kidding. Maybe.

I read a joke a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason it keeps popping back into my head. I suppose some women would find it offensive or sexist or something, but I think people need to learn to laugh at themselves more and just appreciate humor for what it is. The joke went… Continue reading Just Kidding. Maybe.

yo ho a teacher's life for me

Kid Shit

Miss Rataaaaajczak, somebody peed on the carpet! Miss Ratajczak, how do you spell a... A what? A... like a dog, or a cat. A? spell it... 'a'. That's it. That's it? That's it, I swear. How about this, Miss Ratajczak - if I stop picking my nose and eating it you can give me… Continue reading Kid Shit

mumbling of an imbecile


There's something to be said for smiles. In my opinion an involuntary smile is just about the greatest feeling in all the world. Thinking about it I truly can't think of a feeling I much prefer. Have you ever sat there and been staring off into space thinking of something, and either been told or… Continue reading Smiles