the story so far

Mrs. Jones

Last month, after what seemed like a lifetime of planning, preparation, and building anticipation, we got married!

I went from having a common-Polish last name, to a common-Welsh last name. Ratajczak to Jones, just like that. It sure is easier to spell, but I’ve got to practice my cursive capital “J”s because my signature is a ridiculous mess right now and doesn’t look the same one moment to the next.

We’ve moved as well, about an hour from where I was living before and about half an hour from where he was living. For the summer I’m not teaching and only tutoring 2 hours per week, so I’ve been sitting around our new apartment a lot while Jeffo goes off to work each day. That would be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable if we had furniture, but that will happen in good time. For now we have a nice bed, and we have a small kitchen table and two little matching chairs that used to belong to Jefferson’s grandmother. They are very small but fit perfectly in our minuscule kitchen.

We’re part way through remodeling a small end-table-cabinet thing that we’re going to place by the door for the keys and wallets we keep misplacing every time we set foot in our house. When I say remodeling I mean that I’ve power sanded it, and we’re going to stain all the shelves and the drawer front, and paint the cabinet part a nice shade of cream instead of the sickening teal color we found it in. And any day now I’m sure we’ll agree on a couch we like and bribe someone to drive it to our house for us…

We’ll see. If anyone has tips for finding good, lightly used furniture on the cheap, let me know.

So far married life has been enjoyable. I get to see my lovely man every single day, which is by far the greatest change in our lives. I’m also learning to cook multiple meals per day instead of scraping by eating just one. And it’s true what they say that you have to get used to somebody’s daily living habits on a whole other level than while dating. Living together for just  a little over a month has taught me many new and entertaining (for now) things about my husband. I wonder if there’s more. And I wonder what he’s learned about me, and if it can be taken good naturedly, or if I drive him nuts.

Maybe I’ll ask him later.

But I’m really enjoying this time. Less than a month before I’m back to school and have 2 hours of round trip commuting to do to go teach school. So yes, I’m really treasuring this time of respite and deep breaths and being happy.

I’ll come back soon.


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