family shenanigans, the story so far

Vera (not Bradley)



She’s little. She’s cute. She’s my new niece! I know that I mentioned in passing a couple months ago that my sister had a baby, but I haven’t had a chance to extol her many sweet qualities. So here is an unflattering picture I took with her last week:


Truth be told little Vera is adorable. Here is a much cuter picture, which looks much more like her than the face she managed to pull in the other photo.


babyVera was born to my sister Philumina at 3:30am on May 18th. She was 7lb 1oz and 21 inches long. Her two brothers were excited to meet her, although Cass sure took some adjusting to not being the baby. For a kid who would never sit still in anyone’s lap, he instantly took to climbing on top of Vera to have a lap seat, or wanted to be held by anyone in the room if Momma was “ignoring” him.

All three Puddin’ Pops are in Tampa for the summer with their parents and Grandpa while the Mr. &Mrs. steamroll through their first summer internship of law school. Then it’ll be on to Year 2 and whatever that holds. Although I won’t be an arms reach away in Naples anymore, I can’t wait until they’re back in town so I can see them. Unfortunately that’s about 3 weeks away, but it can’t come a moment too soon! I miss my niece and nephews unbelievably!

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