the story so far

November 6th

November 6th has been one of the very best days I have had in a long time. We all have days when things are going well and we get through the day without incident. Frequently, little things will happen that we are appreciative of or just thoroughly enjoy. But it is rather rare, I think, to have a day in which every single thing that happens seems to bring you unending joy. Today was that day.

I was out late at the pub Saturday night. I barely made it home driving back the 45 minutes it took. But I was finally in bed at 2am, and I had to wake up by 6am to be ready to carpool with my friends to Mass. Davis and Irene and I have been doing that for quite some time, but this time Maxwell was coming too.

Mass was glorious. I mean, it always is. But there was something particularly nice about being at mass this morning. Maybe it was the satisfaction of having friends that are actually curious to go with you – who knows?

After mass my family and two friends went to get breakfast. We decided to go to a little hole in the wall diner that looked like it had a good vibe. The theme of the place was old VWs. The ancient ladies who took our orders, cooked our food, and made humorous small talk were delightful. Liam wailed the whole time, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

We parted ways with my family after eating. They went home and the three of us were going to spend time in Fort Myers and meet up with two other friends of ours. But it was Jefferson’s brother’s birthday, and he had decided that he couldn’t get away. Luca wouldn’t come unless Jefferson did, or something, so when Jefferson invited us to crash his 9 year old brother’s party, we kind of just chuckled and agreed.

I’ve never had so much fun at a 9 year old’s party.

We ended up playing ping-pong in the garage drinking beer and laughing our asses off at the antics of Jefferson and his other brother Mark. They were mocking Maxwell, who they’ve known since they were kids, and it was stinking hilarious.

We thought we’d spend an hour or so there and then go try to get Luca to join us at the cigar bar, but we ended up staying there from 11am until after 7pm. We joined them for cake and ice cream, and Davis and Maxwell ended up taking naps on the couch. (Fun can be so exhausting some times…)

It wasn’t until after 7 that we were at the cigar bar, and then the time just flew. We talked about everything: our preferences in hand holding, our preferences in cigars and cigarettes. We talked about which of the guys was getting married first and whether or not we’d each be part of the wedding party. We talked about selfishness within our culture. We talked about skulls and bird skeletons. Stories about the dumb antics of our younger siblings. We talked about whether or not we wanted to get married, and how we wanted our funerals arranged, and about first crushes and awkward encounters with the opposite sex. The conversation never waned.

All the while we smoked and ate and drank first coffee and later, drinks. Before we knew it the night was gone, which was quite impressive considering it was also Daylight Savings and we had an extra hour! My sister was leaving me texts and messages by the time I looked at my phone, and we scurried to get out and back to my sister’s house to pick Irene up and back to her dorm.

Parting ways, hugs and loving insults were exchanged, along with the resounding echo of what a wonderful day it had been, and promises to do it again. What a glorious way to spend a Sunday.

We have less than a month now before Davis leaves us, and we’re going to make the most of it. 001

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