the story so far

November 5th

I’m on Skype with my sister but she went to the bathroom. The smoke alarm in my apartment just went off because my roommate Christopher is trying to cook himself some hot dogs. We turned the air conditioner off this morning and have all the windows and doors open letting the not-quite-cool-but-at-least-not-hot-breeze in. I think we should have kept it on for at least another couple weeks, but that’s just me.

She’s back and we’re discussing the pros and cons of camping with a bivy sack instead of a tent. Will shoes be better for a 500 mile hike, or will some sturdy sandals help us out more? There are too many options. We’ve decided to still wait until December to book the flight to Spain, because we both need to wait and find out when we actually get off work for the summer, and we both need to know if we’re going to be asked to renew our work contracts for the following year.

It’s good to be planning though. Now we’re off Skype. It was a 2+ hour call and we chatted a lot but only got a couple things settled for sure. We didn’t even pin point which city in France or Spain we want to fly into to begin our trip.

I commented that I keep forgetting that everything that comes with us on the plane has to stay with us our whole time on the pilgrimage. That means we’re walking into the airport with hiking backpacks and athletic gear instead of suitcases and sweatpants. I keep forgetting that somehow. It’ll be nice – a different sort of adventure.

I cannot wait until it’s time to buy tickets. It will suddenly be so much more real then. A friend of mine who owed me a hundred bucks from over a year ago just paid me back, and I thought about putting it in the bank, but instead I’m grabbing an envelope and scribbling “Camino” on the front. That and the $20 bill I mysteriously found last week will be the beginning of the real fund. Another friend of mine currently owes me upwards of $600 and he’s about to pay that back too. Maybe I’ll just keep that in cash and deposit it only into the envelope in the back of my drawer.

I cannot wait. This is really going to happen.

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