mumbling of an imbecile

One Year!

Less than a month from now it will be a year that I’ve been scribbling away at this blog. Sometimes I feel like I’ve said so much, and sometimes I wonder what I could possibly have had to say that was even moderately interesting.

I’ve come to find that I write for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s to process thoughts and get them sorted out so they’re not a jumble in my head. Sometimes its because there’s no one I can think to tell these things to face to face. Sometimes its just writing practice, or boredom, or a pastime. So far there hasn’t been much in the way of a common thread throughout all of my writing. Teaching and travelling seem to have emerged as prominent themes, as well as anecdotes of my silly adventures. Who can say what the next thing will be that takes over my life and my writing.

I frequently question if I should continue blogging. Sure, some of what I write is humorous or entertaining, but there’s not much value in it other than that. It seems to me that it’s somewhat of a waste of time for people who could be reading more valuable content. Sometimes I regret not having something more interesting to say, but then I remember that when I started writing here I didn’t anticipate having anyone at all read anything I wrote, and just because that hasn’t proved to be the case doesn’t mean I should change what it is I write about.

So I suppose for now, I will keep writing (sporadic as it may be). I make no promises to continue writing for a long time – even a year seems long to me. Maybe I’ll finish out to the one year mark with a couple more posts and call it done. Maybe I’ll write for a few more months. Maybe, if my life takes a sudden turn for the interesting, then maybe I’ll keep writing indefinitely. It is what it is. We shall see.

Thank you, lovely people, for making my blog experience a wonderful thing. From reading your posts to speaking to you through comments, I can’t help but to feel like I’ve got friends in the world who I may never meet but who I share a connection with. It’s been fun. Thank you.

Fun Facts as of this week:

Number of posts: 127
Number of visitors: 1,161
Number of views: 2,796
Number of countries viewed from: 38!
Number of subscribers: 133!
Amount which I’m amazed by all of this: 100%

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