mumbling of an imbecile

One Year!

Less than a month from now it will be a year that I've been scribbling away at this blog. Sometimes I feel like I've said so much, and sometimes I wonder what I could possibly have had to say that was even moderately interesting. I've come to find that I write for a lot of… Continue reading One Year!

the story so far

Internet Friends

When I was in high school (it feels like forever but it wasn't so long ago) I was utterly disgusted with what was becoming the first internet focused generation. Yes, I used MySpace and AIM and such, and I still use Facebook. But I was not obsessed, there was nothing compulsive about my use of… Continue reading Internet Friends

mumbling of an imbecile

What is writing all about?

Why do we write? I imagine that some of us simply have a lot to say, and few people to say it all to. Some write to think and to process, to evaluate. Some write to spread information. Some write to give voice to opinion. Some write to create. Some write to revise, to edit,… Continue reading What is writing all about?


Dear Blogs I follow…

Okay, guys, I just wanted to apologize, because sometimes when I've been following a blog for a little while it stops showing up in my Reader and whatnot, so I look it up again and it says I'm no longer following them! So of course because I love your blogs so much I refollow all… Continue reading Dear Blogs I follow…