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Do you remember that post where I told you that since the Peace Corps hadn’t worked out this time that I wouldn’t post about it again until I reapply? Well I haven’t reapplied, but I have gotten an email that changes everything! Check this out:

ukraine email

Yes. That just happened. I never saw that coming.

Ukraine. Yes, I am in fact aware of the state of things over there, and no I’m not discounting that. But this is a fantastic opportunity! One that I cannot say no to!

I’m not counting my chickens until said chickens provide me with a plane ticket, but for the time being I’m looking at this as a HUGE wonderful thing, fallen right into my lap. I’d only just gotten over being rejected for Peace Corps Rwanda a month ago, and was moving on to fresher plans, but …I guess we just never know what is around the corner for us.

I know that some people, who for inexplicably reasons follow this blog, wouldn’t want to miss this update, so there it is. The next possibility on an endless road of possibilities. Let’s see where this takes us next!

7 thoughts on “Ukraine??”

  1. Blimey girl that came out of the blue didn’t it. I know you say you are aware of the situation there but are you AWARE? Lot of militia involved there and they don’t always play to the rules. I’m sure the PC wouldnt send their staff anywhere unprepared but have a jolly good think about this girl before you decide. Having said that, this could be totally amazing and right up your street just dont get carried away in the excitement. Please update us all when you can.

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  2. I’m sorry if I sound like an old fart Tessa and I hope you understand. Reading this comment again I think that my calling you “girl” may give the impression I think you’re immature and I apologise for that because I don’t. At my age, any woman under the age of 40 is a “girl” and it’s just an expression I use out of habit. I’m sure you will think very carefully about this chance. Have a great day

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    1. Oh, no, I’m entirely okay with being called girl! And your concern is much appreciated and I thank you for it. I’ve spent much of the past 24 hours doing much more research than I’d done in the past, and I surely won’t make a concrete decision without being much better informed than I am currently, both about the situation in Ukraine and about how and where the PC assures the safety of its volunteers. My father keeps himself very politically and internationally informed, and once he stopped laughing at me for thinking about going, he has been a great source of information. Trust me, he won’t let me leave the country without knowing what I’m getting into.
      Thank you again for your support and encouragement. I admit to being a bit naive but I can promise that I don’t deliberately put myself in harm’s way if I can help it. I’m just a bit in shock and disbelief about the staggeringly swift turns of events in my life and this possibility is just another of them.

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  3. Hi Tessa,

    Some time ago I followed your blog mostly because I guess I also somewhere in my 20+ still searching for right place in this life. I tried to apply for Peace Corps few years ago, but seems Ukrainian nationality stopped them from accepting me.
    Anyway, closer to point. I am Ukrainian and currently live in Kyiv, Ukraine. If you really going to accept this invitation – I am willing to help you with questions you might have or anything else – translations, update on situation.


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    1. Wow, thank you! I really appreciate this! I am still waiting to hear back from the Peace Corps but if they formally invite me then I think I really will be accepting, and heading to Ukraine sometime between October and December. I have a lot of questions and I’m sure I will have more as the time draws closer. What would be the best way of contacting each other other than in comments?


      1. Do u use FB? my name there is Oksana Ou and profile picture is girl from back. I use FB on daily basis.
        or we can chat either via email or skype too. Let me know which way do you prefer 🙂


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