the story so far

November 2nd

My best friend is moving away.

He really needs to get out of here, there’s no denying that. He’s been stuck here far too long, and (probably) nothing could be better for him right now than getting out of dodge. So I’m really happy for him. Adios, Florida. Minnesota is gonna be so lovely this time of year.


Ugh. I’m soooooo bummed. Davis being here was just about the only thing that made it borderline tolerable that I was moving back to this god-forsaken state. Florida – the one place I always knew I could never end up again. And I came back to get away from family and because my best friend lived here. Now my family is here and Davis won’t be.

Life is full of cruel jokes.

Bye, Davis. It’s been real. Enjoy the adventures and don’t stop moving forward. I guess.

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