the story so far

Goodbyes are tough

Most things in life seem to come and go in waves. At some point we are meeting lots of new people. At some point we have friends nearby. At some point everyone realizes change is needed and moves a little closer to their goals, but a little farther from one another. At some point you… Continue reading Goodbyes are tough

the story so far

November 2nd

My best friend is moving away. He really needs to get out of here, there's no denying that. He's been stuck here far too long, and (probably) nothing could be better for him right now than getting out of dodge. So I'm really happy for him. Adios, Florida. Minnesota is gonna be so lovely this… Continue reading November 2nd

the story so far

I have nothing to say. Goodbye?

I have spent a lot of the past year and a half writing on this blog, and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. Yet in the month of March I think I only managed to write 3 or 4 times. Even out of those posts, not all of it was material I'd written… Continue reading I have nothing to say. Goodbye?