the story so far

Thoughts On a Monday

Are you ready for a brief stream of consciousness on a Monday in between conferences? Are you sure? Ooookay. Here we go!

  1. Today and the next two days are for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I didn’t prepare at all, but I’m not worried. It’s reassuring knowing that I do my job well enough that I could have a meeting with any parent and be quite certain of anything I’d need to say to them at any given time. This school year isn’t so bad.
  2. Can you believe that at the end of this week our first quarter will be over? A whole quarter of the school year has come and gone!
  3. I have to pick my roommate up from the airport at midnight tonight. I’m not sure why I offered, but it’s probably good because it doesn’t sound like he had any other arrangement. It’s been nice “living alone” for the weekend. I think I’m going to enjoy that when I live alone again.
  4. On a related note, I don’t think my roommate remembers the conversation before we moved in together about how this was a one-year-and-definitely-no-more-than-that arrangement. Oops. He’ll figure it out.
  5. I wonder if I’m going to want to teach her for a second year, once this one ends.
  6. I wonder what I’d do instead.
  7. I’ll figure it out later.
  8. I need to go get more tea, since there isn’t any coffee. I also desperately need a meal and for this day to go just a tad faster so I can get my lazy ass to the gym.
  9. This is the first time in over two years, probably closer to four years, in which I have continuously had to make choices between doing different things with different groups of friends on the same night. I haven’t even had that many friends, and those I did have were friends with each other, so plans never conflicted. Now there are work friends and Pub friends and family friends, and I’m not sure who I’m going to hang out with come Saturday…
  10. Remind me to go on a brief rant about something that’s been happening this past week that I’d like to briefly rant about.
  11. Later, though.
  12. According to the guys I hung out with this weekend, I’m “unreasonably old” – I was told this in the context of dating. I’m twenty-five. What?
  13. I am hungry, but I may have said that already.
  14. I am going to spend the last weekend of October on Long Island with my favorite people in the world and I am so so so  excited that I can’t even find better words to use than “so” which says… something I’m sure. SO excited. CanNOT wait! Eep!
  15. Okay, I really am going to go get more tea now.

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