the story so far

Time for a Change

Do you ever the the itch that tells you nothing more than that you need some sort of change in your life? Your heart says “move to a new city!” but your brain makes you settle for getting a haircut. Your heart says “find a new line of work!” but your brain tells you to be content with rearranging your living room furniture. Your heart says “start over!” but instead you find some way to fool yourself into thinking the ordinary is more than that.1557715_408304822638693_178096412_n

I’m there, but I don’t want a haircut. I don’t want to move the living room furniture. I don’t want to keep settling for repeating the present, over and over again.

I know that I am about to get a big dose of life changes very soon. I’m moving to a city I’ve never lived in, in a state I only lived in briefly, and starting a new job that will hopefully be different from any I’ve had before. I know that I should be patient, and wait for these changes to satiate my desire for something new to come along.

But waiting is the hardest part of the game.

I learn these lessons over and over again, and still end up on square one time after time. Clearly, I’m not learning so well.

Maybe I’ll get a haircut. Or rearrange my furniture.

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