the story so far

The Barney Song

Do you know the Barney song? I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too? I don’t even know why I call it the Barney song in my head – I don’t actually know if it’s related to a giant purple dinosaur in any way, especially since I didn’t watch that show as a kid, but for some reason that’s what I remember it as.

A month or so ago I jokingly sang that song to my nephew to put him to sleep. I say jokingly because no one in my family can stand that song. They sing the parodied version that’s about killing Barney (maybe that’s why I think of it as the Barney song. Who knows.) We all hate it. But I was just messing around and the kid wouldn’t fall asleep, so I sang it.

Unfortunately, he loved it.

Ever since then that’s what he wants. He can’t say that of course, but when I’m the one to put him to bed, he simply won’t quit the whining until I sing the song.

Now, I can’t sing. I don’t even say that to be humble – I really can’t sing. I’m as tone deaf as a rock. My singing is borderline monotone – maybe he’s only falling asleep to get me to shut up. Except that he doesn’t like anything else I sing, just the one song.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom never sang to me but my dad did. He sang You Are My Sunshine to me. And he can really sing. He’s been part of proper choirs and other musical groups, he can really belt it out. I wish I could sing that – it’s still one of my favorites. Alas…

So anyway, here we are with a horrible song being the only one the poor tyke will accept when he’s in a fuss. Great. At least this may help me with my week long babysitting stint. At least we know my low, gravelly, ex-smoker’s voice is good for something…

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