creative writing


a photo is all that remains
of the time we were together
a photo is all that remains
of days we can’t revisit

a photo, a still, a moment cut in half
an image, reflection, people you no longer see

faces posed to speak
words you will never hear
laughter ringing out in a time
that has long since passed you by

one square piece of paper
a picture embedded there
is all that’s left to hold
of people who were once so dear

time is gone, it can’t be reclaimed
years have been a-wasting before our very eyes
there are those we will never see again
sealed within these photographs

the only tangible proof that there was ever
someone you truly loved, but may never
see again


3 April 2013 Â© TR

3 thoughts on “photograph”

  1. O Gawd. Lovely but timing awful!!!
    Never mind. You have talent and should devote more time to developing it. Of course you have no time now because you have a long term babysit. Perhaps after?


    1. I’m sorry! I’ve only just read your last part there. My coworkers were probably confused by the sniffles from the break room. =/
      I don’t often write like this anymore, it doesn’t come naturally anymore. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll be back at it.

      Liked by 1 person

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