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Okay I have a confession to make. As I’ve been tackling this NaBloPoMo challenge, I’ve been cheating. Well, I mean not technically. I feel that the only way to really cheat would be to either steal other people’s posts, or to post date a post if you missed a day. I’ve done neither of those things.

What I have done is to go through my (pages and pages of) old drafts and finally use a couple of them for cop-out posts that I’m not super interested in. But I couldn’t think of anything else that day, so it’s okay, right? I’ve also pre-written every single post this month. By that I mean that there hasn’t been a single day’s post which I’ve written and instantly clicked “Publish.” I write a post each night, sometimes a couple, and schedule it for the coming day.

I mean, plenty of people do this on the regular I’m sure, but for some reason I feel dishonest because it means I’ve yet to have the pressure of getting to the end of the day and realizing that if I don’t post something that day, I’ve ‘failed’ the challenge. It’s good for me and bad for me.

In fact, this post is being written last night. Was written last night. If that makes sense.

Sue me.

Anyway, in light of how I’m talking about how I’m basically the queen of cop-outs, I should inform you now that this post also is a cop out. I have a special new blogger friend to introduce you to, and (other than all the things I’ve written in this post so far) this post is about her.

If you’ve poked around my blog you’ve seen the links to two of my sisters’ blogs. Ironically, they’ve both more or less given up on their blogs, at least for the time being. (That’s probably a gross misuse of the word “irony” and I don’t even care.) Well, today, my friends, I introduce you to ANOTHER of my sister’s BRAND NEW blog!

(At this point you’re probably wondering just how many sisters I have. Well, get over it. I have six biological sisters, and several more that I just want to keep anyway. There are also two brothers in the mix, though how they maintained their manly manliness in a sea of estrogen I will never understand. Kudos to them. I also have a billion and one non-biological brothers. There will be quiz on this at a later date.)

I’m clearly going off topic. The bottle of wine I drank by myself probably has nothing to do with that. Let’s get this over with so you can stop yawning and move on with your lives.

IRENE has started her blog, gracefully titled, The Ranting Sanguine. (I think she’s referring to herself?) Anyway, I’ve never read her writing before now, (I know, I’m a horrible sister) but I’ve found that she is an excellent writer. She’s just getting all set up in her corner of the blooniverse (I like that better than ‘blogosphere’ – in my head it’s like saying balloon-iverse but kinda all run together. Don’t ask.)

Yada yada yada. Pay her a visit. You won’t regret it.

I apologize in advance for the ridiculousness of this post. And I realize that putting this at the end of the post means it’s not really in advance except for the part where I’m writing this last night, so HA!

She's the beaut on the left.
She’s the beaut on the left.

5 thoughts on “Confession…”

  1. 🙂 I’ve been cheating in the same manner! And today’s post was a total cop out, I posted a posted a photo of a colouring page I did. And I’m not even ashamed. Ha. Sometimes, that’s just how things roll!

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  2. I’ve been cheating too and glad to know I’m not the only one. I am currently creating a few posts for next week to be ready. I would never be able o do this without a little cheating and I missed a day as well 😦 a little tempted to post date a post lol.

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