creative writing

It’s a different view from on top of the world

written July 2013

I’ve got no land and I’ve got no name
I’ve got no money, no debts to claim
I’ve got no family, no reason to stay
I’ve got no plans, no mission today
But I’ve got time, and plenty of it
Maybe it’s not a thing to covet
But I’ve got time and I see the road
I’ve got days, I’ll lighten my load
Uphill downhill and then ‘cross a lake
I’ve tied my shoes, got footprints to make
I’ve got no house and I’ve got no home
But I’ve got streets and places to roam
I’ve got no pillow, for my head
But I’ve got the mountains, for my bed
I’ve got no shower and I’ve got no car
But I’ve got two legs that’ll wander far
I’ve got my backpack, name’s on the strap
It’ll hold my water and maybe a map
I’ll wander this earth one step at a time
I’ll see the whole thing while I’m in my prime
Wonders and monuments, the soot and the grime
On top of the world, while I’ve got the time.

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