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It makes sense that after talking to eight year olds all day that I wouldn’t want to continue vocalizing, come end of day. But what is quite inexplicable is that I cannot find the words that have been squashed back for another time – the words whose time and place is not an elementary classroom or a staff meeting – the conversations that are about everything¬†but education.

These people, it’s all they talk about even when they aren’t at work! I cannot do that. I cannot take this work home with me.

And yet I do not have the energy for the conversations I’d rather be having, the posts I’d rather be writing. This page has become a cemetery of bygone thoughts and aspirations, and I am not sure anything more will grow from here for the time being. 24 days is too long to go with nothing to say, and here I’ve done it.

This has really taken in out of me. Better go rest up in seclusion.

4 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. Came here by way of OM. I took a look around to get a sense of your blog and what I found was love and laughter.
    Silence is OK. You’ll know when you’re ready to write again. I sense that writing is part of your essence.

    I agree with OM. I hope you keep your blog.

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    1. Robert you probably don’t know how encouraging your words are. Love and laughter is exactly what I would hope could be found here, but sometimes I’m dry as a desert and have nothing to offer. But you’re right, writing is part of my essence, and I will always be back. Thank you for coming by, and thank you for your words.

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