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Guilty Pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures – the little things in life that we feel somewhat ashamed of enjoying or overindulging in. Some people have really interesting guilty pleasures, but mine are small and unassuming, and possibly somewhat silly. Sitting at home over Christmas break, doing absolutely nothing with my time, some of these guilty pleasures have become much more apparent to me than they were before.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: as my netflix usage has skyrocketed and my couch potato tendencies have reemerged, I’ve found myself binge watching Buffy. A year or so ago I’d started watching the first season with my brother, mostly to laugh at how ridiculous it was. We’d gotten almost half way through the second season, but then stopped rather abruptly. Well I put it on yesterday and watched some more today and suddenly I find myself most of the way through season 3. You could definitely call this a guilty pleasure show, as it’s dorky, completely non intellectual, and soo ’90s.

Taco Bell: as fast food goes, Taco Bell has been my go-to since college started, so that probably has nothing to do with being on holiday break. There’s just something about those crunch wrap supremes that keep me coming back. I’ve read that it’s some of the least healthy of the fast foods, but that will never deter me. There’s just something about fake Mexican food that pulls me in. I’m almost as bad when I pass a Chipotle. In the food department this isn’t something I plan on giving up any time soon.

Sleeping in: I’m a sucker for staying up late doing absolutely nothing and then sleeping through all hours of the day. Partly it greatly suits my temperament (I’m a born and bread night owl… with insomnia) but partly it drives me absolutely nuts. I hate having the greater part of a day wasted. There are so many opportunities lost and so many possibilities gone. But man the struggle is real. Those pillows… that duvet… and all that delicious sleep. I just can’t get enough. Especially when said sleeping in directly follows a netflix marathon and a bottle of wine. It just doesn’t get any better.

Yoga pants and hoodies: there’s nothing like being cozy, especially when you’re on break and you hardly leave the house even once in a day. I’m almost, aaaalmost, ashamed to admit that I’ve worn the same yoga pants for the past three and a half days, with only brief forays into the realm of real pants wearing. I’ve also alternated between my two favorite sweatshirts for the past week, and I can’t seem to give it up. I love that comfort of being able to curl up on the couch and take a nap without being restricted by tight jeans or …other restricting things. Once you go comfy you never go back. At least not voluntarily.

The internet: Guys, there’s just SO much on the internet. I know, I sound like a grandma, but seriously. From movies and tv shows, to ebooks of questionable content, to the countless blogs and wikis, there’s basically no end to the mischief you can find on the interwebs. I’ve come to accept that I can spend the greater part of my life on my smartphone or laptop when I’m on break like this. I’ve also accepted that it’s gotta end soon, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As much as I love trolling the deepest recesses of the internet, the blue sky outside deserves a chance too.

So yes, these are some of my small, simple guilty pleasures. They’re not shocking or naughty like some might expect of a set of guilty pleasures, but they inspire their fair share of shame just the same.

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