25 things to do before I’m 25


When I was 22 I made a list of 25 things I want to do before I’m 25. That was eight months ago, although it feels like a lifetime. Here’s the list, with All New explanations of why I want to do these things, as well as the ones I’ve already crossed off in the past few months. I’m down to a year and nine months left to finish all the rest.

  1. Graduate univeristy: so I graduated in May with a nearly useless degree in philosophy
  2. Visit a country I’ve never been to: I’ve been to Ireland, England (technically), Bosnia, Croatia, Canada, and of course the good ole US of A. 
  3. Be published – a book or short story: I’ve had poems published and a vignette in my school paper but it isn’t enough. I want the real thing.
  4. Own my first carIn March or April I purchased my Nissan Maxima. The poor beast is falling apart already. 
  5. Go spelunking: C’mon. Who doesn’t want to go spelunking?!
  6. Run a 5K – maybe the Color Run?: Basically I want to start running again, and I do better when I have larger goals to reach for.
  7. Learn a new language: I love languages. I used to speak a little french and a little spanish. Now I’ve got nothing. I want to learn them all, but maybe I’ll start with Italian?
  8. Learn to play the guitar, or relearn to play the piano: I just want to play beautiful music, okay?
  9. Have/use a gym membership consistentlyI had one from January til May, and I just got one again recently after moving. I’ve just got to get myself to keep going…
  10. Go geocaching: I’ve wanted to do this for years and haven’t found fun companions to do it with. Anybody want to join me?
  11. Solve a Rubik’s cube: Childhood ambition that I’ve never lost. Leave it at that.
  12. Learn to drive manual transmission: Come ON. Everyone should be able to – I’m ashamed that I can’t.
  13. Be a bride’s maid for my sister’s weddingYeah that definitely happened. Done. Gone. Thank God.
  14. Apply/interview for/start with the Peace Corps: Again, a dream since I was a child that I just can’t give up on.
  15. Visit Key West with friends: Last time was magical but…
  16. Visit the west coast of the US: I’ve never been. Why not? This is my country…
  17. Go surfing in the US:  I went in Ireland and froze my ass off, but loved it. Now for warmer climes!
  18. Own a pet – I want a dog: If I name it Brown Dog you have to shut up and stop laughing eventually, right?
  19. Learn to play chess and Risk: Life skills everyone should have, in my opinion.
  20. Go paintballing: Because I’ve begged my friends to go since I learned what it was and still I haven’t gone. Why? Why, God, why?
  21. Make and bury a time capsule: For memories. Duh.
  22. Road trip to all the places I’ve ever lived, in order: Because I like to relive miseries as frequently as possible, and also be depressed that things change. 
  23. Move a younger sibling into a college dorm:  Because it’s about time. 
  24. Write and record a song:  Because I’m a glutton for punishment.
  25. Move out. I moved out, all the way from Michigan to New Hampshire. Next time I move I’m determined for it to be overseas. Let the adventures begin!

Well that’s 4 things in 8 months. At that horrible rate I won’t be cutting it at all. I’ve got to get a move on with some of these things, although I can already admit that my priorities have changed slightly since making this list. Oh well. All’s well that ends well.


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