the story so far


I have become the master of hesitation. Whether it's deciding to put metaphorical pen to paper and write a damn post, or grading the papers I need to for school, or getting the exercise in to prepare for the Camino, or doing the soul searching it takes to make the big decisions in life... oh… Continue reading Hesitation

the story so far


The things we spend our lives worrying about probably say a lot about us. It says where our priorities are. It says who we love. It says what we want. It says what we're most afraid of. It says everything. I worry about my family and how little they understand each other. I don't mean… Continue reading Worries

the story so far


I tend to stop blogging when the actual interesting things in my life happen. This week I'm not writing because two of my best friends in the whole world are visiting me and I want to spendĀ all the time with them. But for a moment I'm making an exception. As I write, my sister is… Continue reading Surgery?!