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What I’ve Learned from a Month at the Gym

It's hard to believe 1: that I've been going to the gym almost-daily for a month, and 2: that it's only been a month! It feels much longer, but it also has gone from being so difficult to so easy, that the month has flown by. But what have I gained and what have I… Continue reading What I’ve Learned from a Month at the Gym

mumbling of an imbecile

Oh hey there

I guess in a metaphorical sense I'm sleeping better - with the knowledge that I'm making progress in my life. Cool.

the story so far

Wine, wine, wine: take three

It seems to me that too long goes between the days that I drink wine. I should drink wine every day. Alas, I'll be going the other direction, as I'm giving up wine and all things mega-sweet starting in the morning. It's part of my new change-my-life initiative. What else is on that list, you… Continue reading Wine, wine, wine: take three