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“Don’t Be Something You’re Not”

We hear it from the time draw near self awareness - "don't be something you're not." If you don't want to spend your teenage years at the mall applying glitter lip gloss and prank calling cute boys - don't - you don't have to buy into "popular." If you don't get into spending your evenings… Continue reading “Don’t Be Something You’re Not”

the story so far

Words that Make Life Exciting

I'm a word-nut. I have been since I was a small child. For a long time people thought that I was shy because I didn't speak often. But the truth is that I did not want to say anything unless I had the 100% most precise words to say it with. Whatever I had to… Continue reading Words that Make Life Exciting

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Today I learned…

Today I learned that a group of foxes is called a skulk. I learned that children are not taught how to handle books gently and respectfully, but like disposable toys. Well, I learned that again. I learned that the word formication meansĀ "a tactile hallucination involving the belief that something is crawling on the body or… Continue reading Today I learned…