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Give It All You’ve Got

I am sitting in a waiting room reading this year's April/May edition of National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Since I was a small child and my mother came home with a monumental stack of NG salvaged from someone's half packed up yard sale, these magazines have been my favorite - the only magazine I have ever… Continue reading Give It All You’ve Got

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It’s a different view from on top of the world

I've got no house and I've got no home // But I've got streets and places to roam // I've got no pillow, for my head // But I've got the mountains, for my bed...

the story so far

Travelling Sick

As much as I love travelling, my love comes with slight caveats. I hate travelling when I'm sick. Unfortunately I've had more than my share of instances in which a perfectly good, albeit already exhausting trip was turned around by a sudden onset of allergies, flu, or stomach bug. Any kind of travelling calls for… Continue reading Travelling Sick