the story so far

Some Things Work Out

Last night was the night I've been waiting for, and I didn't think it was going to happen. Reading my blog for the past year you might think that good things fall into my lap a lot, and for the past year, they kind of have. But I've got 23 years of experience to the… Continue reading Some Things Work Out

the story so far

Let’s get excited for a moment.

Anyone who has had more than, say, three life experiences knows that great surprises come in all shapes and sizes. This time my surprise came in the shape of a long lost friend offering me a great opportunity. My plans for moving to China in January to teach English have remained surprisingly cohesive for the… Continue reading Let’s get excited for a moment.

the story so far


It seems that every week I'm talking about some new plan or scheme or dream. Stepping back though, I can at least see for myself that I've been putting a little more time and attention into my pursuits, and that they're no longer just things I run into in my free-fall. A very short time… Continue reading Guangzhou