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True or False: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

I won't believe you if you say you've never been told in a time of difficulty "well, don't worry. God never gives you more than you can handle." If you haven't had this said to you directly, you have heard it said to someone else. But is it really true? The way I see it there… Continue reading True or False: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

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Wine, wine, wine

I really like wine. The dryer the better. The more chilled the better. The larger amounts, get the gist. Do you know what wine really helps with? All the whining. True story. I like to wine so I don't whine. I think I end up whining frequently anyway - which is exactly what I… Continue reading Wine, wine, wine

mumbling of an imbecile

Pick Your Battles

I feel that I am at once perpetually admitting my weakness and defeat, and simultaneously attempting to maintain that I am driven by strength and determination. That my life is governed by my perseverance and resilience, and yet acknowledge my own softness and vulnerability and compassion. That I am constantly on a precipice between two… Continue reading Pick Your Battles