the story so far


Have you ever been told you're quirky? It usually comes out when somebody is trying to describe you, to you, and can't really come up with something polite and still accurate, so they say, "well you're............ quirky!" I can't even decide if quirky has a positive or negative connotation to me. Technically the definition is… Continue reading Quirks

the story so far

Blood and Harmonicas

Today has had its ups and downs. It ranged from children nearly passing out at the sight of tremendous amounts of blood to nasally performed harmonica playing. Unrelated? Yes. But all in a day's work. Admittedly I'm writing this blog post to take a break from the insane amounts of research I've been conducting on… Continue reading Blood and Harmonicas

mumbling of an imbecile

Dog Names…

My father says that if you want a really good name for a dog, you should find something with as few syllables as possible, to make repeated calling of the name less tedious, and that it should be composed of the sort of sounds which carry farthest and loudest when screamed. My father wants to have a… Continue reading Dog Names…