the story so far

The Fine Art of Wasting Time

I've been working at cough a large home-and-garden warehouse cough for several months now, part time. I only get two or three days a week on my schedule, but on the days that I am in, I have to get up at 4 to be ready to head out the door and be at work at 5am.… Continue reading The Fine Art of Wasting Time

the story so far

Was that really a week?

(I should start off by saying, unrelatedly, that if you read my last post and were wondering, my sister's surgery went without a hitch, so she is successfully recovering and trying to deal with temporarily being confined to crutches.) My friends came to visit me! Various friends from all over the country visit from time… Continue reading Was that really a week?

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Most Embarrassing Story

Everyone at some point in their life is asked what their most embarrassing story is. If you haven't been asked this yet, it's coming. Many people blush or shudder at the question. Personally, I have trouble thinking of a suitable story. That's not because I've never had something embarrassing happen to me, but more because… Continue reading Most Embarrassing Story