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from sometime in 2013. sometimes you love a friendĀ in a way they can't access, and that just leaves you butting your head against a wall and writing shitty poetry. And I want to crush you with the love I have for you, to show you the force it holds. But I do not want to… Continue reading Found

creative writing

The Girl Who Laughed Wolf

the girl who laughed wolf laughed until her lungs gave out at first they wondered at her laughter but when she continued they went back back to work and play and life and every day she laughed again until no one took note and then she laughed wolf one last time before the laugh itself… Continue reading The Girl Who Laughed Wolf

creative writing

Would You Persist

What would you do if the moon fell out of your sky Would you watch it fall and let it lie Would you pick it up and set it high Would you put it back into the sky? What would you do if the sun was gone from your day Would you let your world… Continue reading Would You Persist