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Goodbyes are tough

Most things in life seem to come and go in waves. At some point we are meeting lots of new people. At some point we have friends nearby. At some point everyone realizes change is needed and moves a little closer to their goals, but a little farther from one another. At some point you… Continue reading Goodbyes are tough

the story so far

Off to the Nunnery

The day before yesterday my sister Gabrielle got the news she had been waiting for, quite literally for years. Gabrielle is moving to Switzerland in August to join a small convent of traditional nuns. Gabrielle... my sister. My friend. My Gabrielle. We have known this was coming for some time, if I'm being honest. I've… Continue reading Off to the Nunnery

the story so far

November 11th

Life changes in the most mysterious ways.  Some people have nothing and then one day their dreams come true. Some people are super happy for other people but are also super selfish and either want what the newly happy person has, or want them not to have it so the newly happy person sticks around… Continue reading November 11th