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November 25th

IT'S BABY DAY! My sister was due three days ago but it looks like today's the day! I am so excited to be an aunt to another beautiful little boy. Here's praying everything goes smoothly!  (Rest assured... baby pictures will be a comin' any day now!)

the story so far

November 13th

There are only five more days of school before we have NINE days away from school, away from kids, away from reality. So what's going on this week? I've decided that on Friday we're having a quiz in quite literally every subject. That means no classroom instruction, and that's the point. Before a vacation is… Continue reading November 13th

the story so far

Oh Baby!?

You see these posts these days about how all your friends are married or having babies and you're just sitting there like 'pass the vodka' or whatnot, but when it really gets crazy is when it's your little sister. She got married three months ago, and we've known for about a month that she's pregnant,… Continue reading Oh Baby!?