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A Travel Update

Since I am on the road I thought maybe an update is in order. I left New Hampshire and drove through Canada to Michigan to drop my little sisters at their mom's house. Then I set off again and spent last night at my best friend's apartment in DC. I was going to set off… Continue reading A Travel Update

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So Much To Do, So Little Time…

Well, my summer is over. I mean technically the season of summer doesn't begin until tomorrow, but all of my time has been spoken for, and I won't get but a minute to breathe. This week I am in Michigan doing training at Hillsdale College so that I can be on the same page as… Continue reading So Much To Do, So Little Time…

the story so far

My Sister Friend

So maybe we never really considered each other Older Sister and Younger Sister, but maybe there will always be that part of me that wants to keep her close and looked after, even as a grown up married woman. Maybe it's because she's a tough little spitfire that I want to be around to help preserve the beautiful little girl that still lives in her heart.