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November 1st

Will this once again be the beginning of NaBloPoMo for me? I've been posting so little lately, I have extreme doubts about my ability to come up with something worthwhile for 30 consecutive days. While I sit here and mull it over let me just throw a couple of facts out there. The worst day… Continue reading November 1st

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Thoughts On a Monday

Are you ready for a brief stream of consciousness on a Monday in between conferences? Are you sure? Ooookay. Here we go! Today and the next two days are for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I didn't prepare at all, but I'm not worried. It's reassuring knowing that I do my job well enough that I could have… Continue reading Thoughts On a Monday

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It makes sense that after talking to eight year olds all day that I wouldn't want to continue vocalizing, come end of day. But what is quite inexplicable is that I cannot find the words that have been squashed back for another time - the words whose time and place is not an elementary classroom… Continue reading Silence

yo ho a teacher's life for me

Is it still only Wednesday?

Well, I made a kid cry today. I swear, all I did was say her name in Teacher Voice. Some kids are unduly sensitive, and I may have to take it upon myself to change that. But still, I don't make kids cry on purpose.  I know it's still week one (HOW IS IT STILL… Continue reading Is it still only Wednesday?

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True or False: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

I won't believe you if you say you've never been told in a time of difficulty "well, don't worry. God never gives you more than you can handle." If you haven't had this said to you directly, you have heard it said to someone else. But is it really true? The way I see it there… Continue reading True or False: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

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Another Adventure is Nigh

Today is Thursday. I have the weekend to finish packing the rest of my belongings and be on my way by Tuesday. The end of one chapter of your life and the opening of the next is a volatile time. Transitions can bring out the best and the worst in people. Until the past week… Continue reading Another Adventure is Nigh

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The things we spend our lives worrying about probably say a lot about us. It says where our priorities are. It says who we love. It says what we want. It says what we're most afraid of. It says everything. I worry about my family and how little they understand each other. I don't mean… Continue reading Worries

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Keeping the Darkness at Bay

So many things in life come in circles, in cycles, in waves. They come and they go with a relentless ebb and flow that we can sometimes predict but rarely control. Our lives have these seasons, and we can either fight them or we can grow with them. The waves that I fight are the… Continue reading Keeping the Darkness at Bay

mumbling of an imbecile

Rocks, Roadtrips, and the Realm in Between

You could say I'm addicted to road trips and you wouldn't be wrong. I think I must truly be a nomad at heart, and I've never been more okay with embracing a label than that. I think the technical definition of nomad is: a member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from… Continue reading Rocks, Roadtrips, and the Realm in Between

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que sera, sera

What will be, will be. Truer words were never spoken, I think. And then there's the other old adage - the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry. Perhaps those words are even truer than the first. Or at least equally true. Due to my all too well-cataloged failures to take a hop,… Continue reading que sera, sera