the story so far


Have you ever been told you're quirky? It usually comes out when somebody is trying to describe you, to you, and can't really come up with something polite and still accurate, so they say, "well you're............ quirky!" I can't even decide if quirky has a positive or negative connotation to me. Technically the definition is… Continue reading Quirks



It seems to me that I am always having conversations with my friends in which I say something to the effect of "oh yeah, that's in my top ten movies for sure, no question!" But I stopped to think about it today, and I realised I really don't know if there are only ten movies in my… Continue reading Movies

the story so far

Not Sharing

I no longer talk about long term plans with people I've just met. I don't frequently talk about my long term plans with people I already know either, but there's a very particular reason I don't discuss these things with new acquaintances. More times than I can count, I've met somebody that I would have… Continue reading Not Sharing