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I've reached that part of the summer time when my countdown to the end of my freedom is in full force. Two weeks from yesterday I return to my little third grade classroom and begin yet another school year. So I have less than 14 days to revel in the summer time, and what am… Continue reading Countdown

the story so far

When Will I be Home?

I have lived in my new apartment for just over a month now. Can you believe it? Time has surely flown. Day to day life has been filled with training and preparing and finally teaching. It has been filled with new people and too little sleep, and a couple of adventures along the way. It… Continue reading When Will I be Home?

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the thing about home

sometimes home is where your heart is and sometimes home is wherever you lay your head sometimes home is where you make your camp sometimes home is a place you dread sometimes home is a friend you’ve made and sometimes it’s a place you just can’t find sometimes home’s a destination and sometimes its a… Continue reading the thing about home

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Trial and Error

The highlight of my day today was having a second grader throw up all over the floor in the middle of class. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. The real highlight of my day was packing up my bags and piling into my car to leave work. It wasn't such a bad day. I mean, my… Continue reading Trial and Error

the story so far

Enter Stage Left

I've just moved into a town that would be the perfect setting for a Stephen King novel. I kid you not. I've lived in a lot of small towns in my day, but none so eerie and inexplicably spine-tingling as this one. There's nothing outright weird about this town, nothing visibly sinister. But with each… Continue reading Enter Stage Left