yo ho a teacher's life for me

Miss R. and the Bionic Eye

I had just taken my students down the hall to the cafeteria and sneaked back into my room. The lights were mostly off so as not to alert anyone to my presence, and I sat behind a file cabinet, finally checking my phone, drinking some water, eating my lunch, and enjoying the comparative silence. Then… Continue reading Miss R. and the Bionic Eye

memory lane

Flickering Lights and Other Gags

A little over five years ago, during my senior year of high school, I had just moved into my dad's apartment. It was one of those big complexes with a dozen buildings and probably a dozen units per building. Each floor had its own laundry room so you didn't have to go out to the… Continue reading Flickering Lights and Other Gags

yo ho a teacher's life for me

Taking the Piss

That's a phrase I learned when I visited Europe. We don't say that here, but I've enjoyed it since I first heard it (like a great deal of other European phraseology). Anyway, I've learned recently that a fantastic way to brighten my day is to have a few private laughs entirely of my own. As… Continue reading Taking the Piss