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Tis the Season… for the Flu

Fever. Cough. Sore throat. Fatigue. Swollen tonsils. Stuffy nose. Runny nose. Stuffy runny nose. Headaches. Body aches. Chills. Crappy sleep. No appetite. Dehydration. Hallucinations. Yes, my friends, tis the season. I've been heavily medicated and couch-bound for the past two days, which doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're there, it seems like eternity.… Continue reading Tis the Season… for the Flu

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The Problem Problem

alternate title: the issue issue. Humor aside, I've been thinking about problems - not in the particular but in the general. I was having a kind of difficult day, but only because somehow I've come down with an awful flu and I can't fathom where I got it as I've been alone all week. But… Continue reading The Problem Problem

the story so far

Travelling Sick

As much as I love travelling, my love comes with slight caveats. I hate travelling when I'm sick. Unfortunately I've had more than my share of instances in which a perfectly good, albeit already exhausting trip was turned around by a sudden onset of allergies, flu, or stomach bug. Any kind of travelling calls for… Continue reading Travelling Sick