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Rationality escapes me tonight

Every once in a while I am convinced that I'm going crazy. I snap out of my ordinary self and become this horrible other thing. Just for a few seconds... but it's so jarring every time. Whether I'm alone or someone has the unfortunate happenstance of being there to observe, or worse, be the target...… Continue reading Rationality escapes me tonight

creative writing

O, Love of My Life

an ode, written October 2012 Oh love of my life You satisfy me every way You love me so tenderly On each and every day Without you I can’t go on Without you I know no peace I’ll take you any way you come But I much prefer when you’re obese I will lie with… Continue reading O, Love of My Life

mumbling of an imbecile

Apathy is Exhausting

Yes, apathy is exhausting. Why? I think it's because whether its conscious or not, it takes a lot of energy to not care. Not caring is inhuman. That may not be what you want to hear when you're so tired of things not working out that you've hit apathy. But it's true. It is in… Continue reading Apathy is Exhausting