the story so far


I'm not very good at prioritizing. I can't seem to make the time for Netflix, for instance, but I'll go run 5K for fun at night. I can't hang out with everyone I know, but I've been biking places lately, just because. I can't force myself to spend five minutes blogging, but I'll doodle in… Continue reading Priorities

the story so far

November 16th

Yesterday I accomplished something I never thought I'd get to. As a kid and teenager I was active, but never really athletic. I would bike and hike and climb trees and play soccer and catch snakes and get into all sorts of shenanigans. But I wasn't athletic in terms of having good stamina or energy… Continue reading November 16th

mumbling of an imbecile

November 8th

How could I write on November 8th and fail to mention the fact that I need to go vote today? I feel dirty even just thinking about it - we have no good options! Would we rather an inexperienced man with no political background and a hot-headed propensity for getting himself in awkward positions be… Continue reading November 8th